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With the online casino platform becoming so strongly developed in Malaysia it is hard to decide and name a certain online casino Malaysia as number 1 like maybe, but you can certainly judge them and pay attention to the services that they have to offer. Some of the online casinos vary due to the amount of games they have, the amount of facilities for catering to their client and of course the customer support section. Some online casinos are not as sophisticated as they only offer a relatively small variety of online games, very little support and few offers that are actually beneficial to the player, whether he is a newcomer or a veteran high roller.

With such a wide variety of online casinos available in Malaysia it may be difficult to choose but you can follow certain criteria depending on what you like. The top quality casinos like S188 or M777 ¬†or 7slots have much more to offer than the smaller casinos that offer only a hundred online games. The highly deCasino bonuses-10veloped casino will offer you hundreds of online games, including casino all time classics such as blackjack, poker, roulette, sports betting and even live online casinos where you play with a charming live dealer as you would do in a real casinos. These online casinos Malaysia are certainly catering to every possible need that you may have as their live dealers are experienced, charming and doing everything in their power to offer you a great, relaxing as well as thrilling gaming session. Sports’ betting is another function that a top casino would have. They would give you the opportunity to bet on absolutely any sport whether it’s the European football champion’s league, local football, badminton or even horse racing. The world’s sports and games are at the tip of your fingers with the help from the top casinos.

Other criteria for an online casino Malaysia would be payment security and protection. A proper online casino will have all the security systems used on display so that you may inform yourself about them, as well as the necessary credentials to operate together with the Malaysian banks. A top of the line casino will even give you a small amount of credits to play with in order for you to test their systems and services. Top casinos have a strong reputation when it comes to their services and security and you will even encounter a large community of satisfied players that will explain and display their experiences with the casino.


A large gaming community will only exist if an online casino is truly formidable and entertaining. Just like with a restaurant, if you see no one eating then something must be wrong with the food or service. Same concept applies when judging the top casinos.

The popularity of the online casino rises as the masses seek a way to find relaxation as well as thrills even if just during their 10 minute coffee break or on their ride back home on the bus. The age of speed brings hundreds of casinos competing through the various games and special offers they have to offer. But to be a top 10 type of Casino Malaysia, you need to offer the best services and top notch games of a wide variety so that the player can keep himself engaged with your business for years to come.


What Makes a Top 10 Online Casino?

The sheer variety of games is one characteristic that defines such a casino. A top of the line casino must offer hundreds of games; games of chance, classic casino games like blackjack and poker, as well as slot games. Having the widest variety keeps the player entertained and he may become a long term client. Another feature has to be the live online casino. A live casino involves the player being actively engaged with a dealer just the way it would be in a real casino. The player is enjoying his game with a live dealer, while receiving the same amount of attention he would get at any casino in the world.

The online live casino is certainly a decisive factor when it comes to choosing a top 10 online casino as this feature as rarer but highly sought by newcomers as well as any high rollers that enjoy human interaction and attention. Another such highly looked after option is the ability to place any kind of sports bets in the online casino. The elite casinos will certainly offer sports betting no matter the kind of sport that interests you, whether it’s European football or horse racing.

The bottom line is diversity. Having the richest diversity in high quality services is what makes a casino the kind of top 10 materials. Covering all tastes and catering to every single player’s needs brings the casino to the highest level as it will gather the highest number of long term clients that seek one type of entertainment or another. Both quality and quantity bring players together to help create a rich online gambling community within a specific casino, something that will benefit both parties.

A top 10 Malaysian online casino can easily be identified by analyzing these characteristics. Top 10 lists are often artificial and should not be followed as there can be 100 casinos worthy of the top 10 title. Inform yourself and seek out your top 10 casinos by following these criteria.

Following these criteria and these guidelines will certainly lead you to find the casino which is top 1 for you as there is a great abundance of such businesses. Seek out the information and explore until you find what is best for you.

Best Online Casino Malaysia Ringgit

The online casino world in Malaysia is growing without limits in recent years as this form of entertainment is becoming more and more fun and interesting to players and gamblers. Casinos vary and in many cases they are foreign, ran from outside the country and for this reason some of theme pose issues to local Malaysians who wish to indulge themselves with this new sport. The problem is that of currency because the foreign online casinos usually work with a wide spread international currency such as the US dollar.

While currency can be an issue it’s not exactly a barrier that would prevent locals to place their bets. The problem is that they would lose a certain amount of value during the currency transformation as the site can automatically change the Malaysian Ringgit to whatever currency it uses and then again when the player wishes to retract his winnings, he needs to go through the whole conversion process again. This is not a problem for the casino’s client other than him losing a small amount of currency during the online conversion. For this reason Malaysian online casino players should focus more on using the Malaysian betting sites that allow the use of their Ringgit currency because that way they can directly perform the transactions without the loss of currency.

Nowadays more and more online casinos pop around Malaysia and many of them accept the Ringgit currency as they are aware that many potential players can’t or refuse to go through the currency conversion process when they make a deposit with the casino or when they claim their winnings. Many of these Malaysian online casinos that operate purely in Ringgit actually give their local players the advantage of allowing them to make smaller deposits while also giving them certain play money bonuses. Foreign online casinos have higher minimum deposits and minimum bids but the casinos using the Ringgit are trying to attract as many local clients as possible and that includes high rollers as well as the casual gambler who wishes to play for a few minutes or to try out this new experience.

Malaysian online casinos offer every kind of slot game and card game available in any actual casino and they also allow sport betting. Foreign casinos offer the same thing but they don’t precisely cater to the Malaysian player’s needs and habits and this is why we have the online casinos operating in Ringgit. The local player can make his deposits without worrying that he may lose during the currency conversion or without having to think that the minimum deposit is a bit too much for his pocket.

The online casinos operating in the Malaysian Ringgit certainly involve only advantages to the Malaysian betting player and if you have this currency then you are much better off if you use it directly through these Ringgit casinos instead of going through the conversion processes that will certainly make you lose an amount of your hard earned money.

The Unprecedented Growth of Live-Dealer Online Casino Games in Malaysia

Asian markets such as Malaysia, South Korea, and Thailand are fast becoming hubs for online gaming and betting. Recent surveys and statistics have seen these niches gain an upward movement both in player volume and degree of engagement, not to mention that they continuously gain staggering growths in annual revenues. In Malaysia alone, a good portion of the population spend millions of local currency every year on recreational gambling, with most of them playing popular table games for a sizable part of their stint in online casinos like 12BET.

While many virtual table games appeal to and attract a great deal of punters, still a significant number of Malaysian players seek a “real-world” version of the games–but not necessarily requiring them to go afar their own home. This ‘need’ has driven an remarkable growth of “live-dealer online casino games” in the country, giving way to a whole new portal that is almost as exciting–if not more–as those found in brick-and-mortar establishments. Live casinos in Malaysia made this a point in considering innovation with their gaming products.

Live-dealer or live casino table games are table games offered by online casinos that employ real tables, real croupiers, and real gaming studios that are captured on film via a certain camera technology which are then broadcasted in real-time on the gaming window of the players’ personal computer. This allows for real-world gaming practices while not necessarily qualifying them as a traditional casino set-up. Of these games offered in Malaysia, three have seized the biggest share of customer patronage, namely Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat.


This game’s table layout and general aesthetics make it an intimidating table game for punters. However, the gameplay is actually very simple: one only needs to predict what number or color in the wheel the ball will land on after a spin. These predictions are paired with betting options, the most common being “odd or even,” “red or black,” and some groups of numbers. Players can also directly bet on specific stand-alone numbers, which will potentially give them the highest possible payout of the game.


This card game is won by coming up with a hand whose value is or near 21 but without going over. By the general rule of thumb, Blackjack’s card value criteria are as follows: an Ace can count as either 1 or 11, to which is better; the cards from 2 through 9 are valued at their face value; and the 10, Jack, Queen, and King are all valued at 10.


This game is won by obtaining cards that are of higher value than the dealer’s. The highest possible value is nine (9). The dealer and player are initially given two cards each and may seek for an additional card if he thinks his hand has the value not large enough to out-perform his opponent’s. All number cards (2 through 9) count as their face value while Ace counts as one. Tens and picture cards are valued at zero. When two cards total to more than ten, 10 must be subtracted and the remaining total is the card count (example, an Eight and a Nine is equal to 17, subtract this with 10 and the card’s value is Seven).

Online casinos are highly popular and loved in the country of Malaysia as well as on a global level. This country is renowned for hosting a great deal of online casinos as the popularity of this form of entertainment keeps growing. For this reason, more and more online gambling establishments are being created and they begin competing for the vast numbers of players who choose to play betting games from their very own home.